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By Mike Termini / Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015 05:28 pm
Home for the Holidays: Main Street Market

Main Street's wine selection

Stressed over squeezing the kids, gifts, luggage and holiday dishes into your vehicle? Space configuration is the last thing you need to worry about when planning that magical sleigh ride to Door County this holiday season. From fork to cork the Main Street Market has what you need, including three generations of the family that has gifted our area with a grocery store Santa himself couldn’t top.

If the village of Egg Harbor could speak, it’d tell you that 1987 will go down as one of the best Christmas’s ever. It was the year it got the the Main Street Market, a gift that keeps on giving. Mr. and Mrs. Claus aren’t as much to thank as Mr. & Mrs. Callsen. Dave and Vonnie, owners of the establishment, can still be found on location greeting shoppers and overseeing operations.

Forget if it’s a left on Cannery Row or right on Health and Beauty Boulevard? Kaaren will be your GPS (grocery positioning system) and get you where you need to go. As the daughter of the Callsen’s, she is now the CEO (Chief Elf 0fficer) along with her husband Steve. Over the years and in conjunction with Dave and Vonnie, this cultured quartet has assembled a one stop shop for culinary euphoria.

The Grinch get his mitts on the Who’s feast again this year? Steve heads the meat department and can replace that roast beast. Boasting the counties most aesthetically pleasing full-service meat counter, the Main Street Market is your best bet when it comes to carnivorous cravings. If steak is on top of your 2015 Wish List, send that envelope to 7770 Hwy. 42, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Main Street's meat department

What’s the perfect gift for a young man in his early 20’s who’s proven he’s worthy of something spectacular? An unlimited supply of delicious craft beers and top shelf liquors sounds adequate! As of last spring, Sam Northrop, son of Steve and Kaaren, is now manager of the adult beverage department and being groomed to one day take over as the general manager.

Sam’s younger sister Regan can only be found when the spirit of holidays brings her around. Recently employed by MightyVine, a hydroponic tomato greenhouse located in Illinois, Regan now provides the store with tomatoes when she returns home. Main Street Market spreads joy around the community buying local whenever possible. If local farmers and growers could produce enough product to satisfy the demand, Kaaren claims the store would be exclusively local.

Credit: doorcountygrocery.com

Mother always cautioned you’ll shoot your eye out, but don’t let that stop you from popping that bottle of Dom Perignon on New Year’s Eve. Are you crazy for Caymus? Rambunctious over Rombauer? Think life’s a joke without Silver Oak, or can’t have fun without Opus One? The Main Street Market overflows with a plethora of powerhouse lables worthy of mention in Wine Spectator magazine. However, if that Moët has you frisky or Simi’s got you tipsy, don’t get behind the wheel because it’s risky. 

For 30 years, Main Street Market has been a successful family run business. A dynamic so vital it prohibits them from expanding further north despite the requests of many. Whether it’s the spacious aisles, friendly deli offering Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, wide selection of local products, exquisite wine selection, mouthwatering meat case, or Vonnie at the door ready to greet you with a smile, the Main Street Market never disappoints. 

Christmas marks the only day of the entire year the store is closed. Regan recalled some of her fondest childhood memories took place when the family would meet there on Christmas day to gather last minute items before heading to Dave and Vonnie’s for their annual holiday tradition. Having the store alone to themselves allowed them to fully enjoy the wonderful gift they have given to all of us.

Photo credit: Mike Termini

7770 Hwy 42, Egg Harbor, WI
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